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Winter warmth-the company like sympathy activities

2014/11/28 14:17:06      Click:

    2013 winter, the temperature sudden drop, tengzhou municipal town like the old man felt the warmth of the society. Shandong yao the solar-thermal technology co., LTD employees for old people to send to the cotton, cotton shoes. Let the old people to be prepared for the coming winter. On November 13th afternoon, like the old man is in the sun, a few cars with "yao" of field van has been stopped in the doorway of the nursing homes. Several wearing "yao" of field tooling employees out boxes from the car cotton-padded clothes, cotton shoes. More than 40 before the building at the yixian old man together. 's explanation and coordination under the leadership of the town of related yao the company staff sent cotton and cotton shoes to every one of the old man's hands, and communicate with the old man had a cordial conversation, more employees personally for the old man put on cotton, cotton shoes, happy atmosphere of the entire activity center is full of gratitude. At the same time also let employees develop respect the tradition of excellence. Endorsed by any points, old or young, well regardless of size.
    Yao the company always uphold the do good starts from the minor matter, starts from the side of philosophy, in the future, yao the company will, as always, support charity activities, contribute to the development of philanthropy render offer, passing love and warm.