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China's solar energy industry development situation

2014-11-28 16:07:53      Click:

    Production of solar energy industry in China after nearly 15 years of development, the production has been ranked first in the world, but its quality and variety is far from the foreign advanced level, mainly cheap products, major markets in town and integration of urban and rural areas, and given priority to with the solar water heater; In the high temperature tube is still in development, there is no into mass production and new applications. With China's demand for low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection product rapid development needs, the glass material needs are because of the area.the production by national policy support, its production is increasing every year, so the demand of glass material; At the same time, with the domestic economy sustained, stable development, demand for solar energy are also increasing rapidly, there is a huge market demand, the solar industry development prospect is broad.

    In nearly a decade, China has developed three generations of water heater: the first generation of stuffy dry type, the second generation of plate type, type, the third generation glass vacuum heat-collecting tube in the first two generations of products due to lost without effective control, can only use season, and high borosilicate glass tube, vacuum tube type solar energy water heater thermal efficiency is higher, small heat loss, the four seasons are available, safe and reliable, easy to use, more and more consumers. High borosilicate glass tube solar vacuum tube, the social environment and social benefits are very good. The industry belongs to the green sunrise industry.