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Company passed the provincial scientific and technological achievements appraisal three scientific research achievements

2014/11/28 15:09:16      Click:

    On October 26, my company independent research and development of wall Mosaic wall-mounted solar water heater, a new type of solar drying device, and the night luminous tube three projects of scientific and technological achievements in our city, from a province in design and research institute, academy of sciences, energy research institute, shandong university, shandong construction university and other scientific research and teaching units of seven experts to appraise the achievements mentioned above. The participating experts agree that my company 3 result of the overall technology level have reached the domestic leading or advanced level.

     As a high-tech enterprises, scientific and technological achievements appraisal certificate for, is the embodiment of the enterprise technology research and development of comprehensive strength, it is also one of the important hardware of the qualification of enterprises. Company research and development center officials said, according to the requirement of the historical experts, to improve the details as soon as possible, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and application.