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New towns turned to China's economic growth engine Will be good sunlight enterprise development

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    Cities and towns will become a key battleground, keep green growth, energy saving and emission reduction of new town construction "beautiful China" is the foothold, enterprises must complete structural reorganization of field and layout of the pull of urbanization of China's future economic growth is about to start a new engine, but at the same time, the growing energy demand and the increasingly serious environmental pollution in cities, the essence of become departments have to think again. Bring together, urbanization and new energy business is certainly exciting.

    Recently held in boao Asia BBS, in the heart of the city work and life together to solve the "healthful" the road of urbanization. Such as China power international development co., LTD., chairman of the board of the, li xiaolin made is strong demand for electricity in urbanization. Comply with the "green, low carbon intensive, smart," the new path of urbanization, China power began to layout the green intelligent power, has been carried out in boao low-carbon intelligent test of new towns, the electricity is used local materials of wind, solar and other renewable resources.

    For solar-thermal photovoltaic industry, the new type of urbanization is good directly. This is because in the process of urbanization, a lot of new buildings are bound to have energy supply, new energy utilization must be accounted for a certain proportion. Both solar photovoltaic power generation, solar hot water, are promising. With solar energy experts predict that 10 million new urban population, about 2 million families every year to 200 million square meters of new residential, if there are 100 million square meters with solar hot water and heating system, solar market capacity will be a multiple growth. It is understood that solar-thermal mature technology in our country, the world set hot area first. Have data show that by the end of 2012, China's solar water heater has more than 200 million square meters, the festival every year more than 30 million tons of standard coal, coal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of 74.7 million tons.

    The great pattern of urbanization is set, run fast light of enterprises have begun to disposal. Four seasons song mu group President Peter, cities and towns will become the main battlefield of energy conservation and emissions reduction, keep green growth in our country, at the same time the essences of new town construction is also "beautiful China" that enterprises must complete structural reorganization of field and layout. It is understood that in addition to the urban construction, urban retail, retail inherent three-dimensional structure of villages and towns, urban engineering has been included in the four seasons song mu's core business, and to seek new areas, the urbanization fast to "hug the urbanization" thoroughly.

    Urbanization process requires energy supply, new urbanization needs to pay attention to the ecological green, under the condition of our country's current energy structure, the healthy development of urbanization and new energy utilization are twin brothers. The ministry recently issued the "about promoting the healthy development of the solar water heater industry guidelines" (draft) has given a clear signal of the solar-thermal industry concentration will improve further, by 2015 to cultivate three annual sales in more than 3 million leading enterprises. Technology upgrades, guide consumption, not only the leading enterprises in the industry layout to tilt, while encouraging the advance of urbanization of solar energy will be at the policy level. For enterprises of field, new urbanization will open up a broad market for it.