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Company set up the fifth anniversary celebration

2015/2/3 16:23:28      Click:

    On February 1, su first new energy chamber of commerce, trade negotiation and yao company strategic cooperation communication meeting will be held in the company.From all their new energy enterprises, suppliers, and the social from all walks of life more than 300 people attended the meeting.Everyone all around development of field, seek cooperation in the coming year.City leaders Hu Jiang level, the town party secretary Zhang Tieyao, shandong solar Li Yanshan association secretary-general, China solar thermal utilization industry association secretary-general Jia Tieying and chairman of the board of directors of the company Hu Qin countries each delivered a speech.

    Afternoon, boast is the company set up the fifth anniversary celebration and summary commendation meeting held in 2014.Meeting review of the growth process of the company was founded five years, and hard, chairman and general manager of 2015 job requirements are put forward.Meeting for each post 2014 awards the emerging advanced individual and team, and lucky draw on site.Professional performance team for all the staff to serve the wonderful song and dance performances, of Chinese people at the same time of dinner, sharing the feast, a happy and peaceful.