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Solar thermal utilization industry back to policy

2014-11-28 16:03:44      Click:

    Recently, the domestic solar industry frequency positive charge policy. At a state council executive meeting on the 23rd, will encourage self-contained solar products into the public facilities and the family, after a state council executive meeting to study identified 26.5 billion yuan including water heater consumption policy measures to promote energy-efficient appliances and other products.

    Industry analysis, points out that the state council executive meeting twice named encourages the development of solar energy products, heralding the represented by solar energy water heater of solar energy heat utilization industry will usher in a new development opportunity.

    And belong to the same compared to wind power and solar photovoltaic (pv) in the field of new energy, solar energy heat utilization industry has long did not get a policy seriously. But the expert points out, in fact, solar-thermal is a rigid demand, relying on the market by mature independent technology innovation, market-oriented operation and sunrise industry developed. According to statistics, in 2011 China's solar energy heat utilization product application (represented by the solar water heater) area of 57.6 million square meters, maintaining the momentum of rapid growth for successive years, and worldwide, Chinese solar energy heat utilization has been in the world.
    In the upcoming "renewable energy" twelfth five-year "plan", the industry's development goal is: to 2015 will promote solar energy heat utilization area of 400 million square meters, solar thermal power generation capacity of 1 million kilowatts. Solar thermal utilization promotion area is relative to the triple, and solar heat utilization and realize zero breakthrough. In response, the industry consensus, "the plan" put forward goal will bring huge development opportunities for solar thermal utilization industry.

    Will benefit the leading enterprises take the lead in industry development. Sunrise east landing a-share market recently, been regarded as along the melody of the development of the industry. It is understood that by the end of 2011, the sunrise east net profit of 370 million yuan, more than 2010 jumped by 193.12%, sales gross profit margin of 35.3%. Analysts pointed out that the current domestic solar water heater more than 4000 enterprises, has long been heated competition in the industry, under this background, the gross margin to maintain more than 30% of the level is not easy, also highlight it as the strength of the leading enterprises. According to understand, the company has now completed "from the hot water to heat, and from single to compound the sources of energy, energy from field of low temperature to high temperature field in the" market and development layout, industry positioning covers the entire solar energy heat utilization "high, medium and low three dimension space, this strategy has become the theme of solar thermal utilization industry upgrading.

    Peter said, chief executive of the company from the household water heater to the commercial and industrial applications, hot water and heat experienced leapfrog development, 2010 is the solar-thermal watershed of the market, in addition to the rigid demand of rural markets, civil, commercial and industrial applications demand began to speed up, over the next three years to the strategy of "city hot water bank" as the leading city enters a market will become one of the company's main profit growth point, operating income proportion will have larger ascension.

    New energy industry analysts believe that enters a different light v, this is a no foam solar industry, the four seasons song mu is the first company in the domestic solar energy heat utilization listed enterprises, the market position and ability of making profits is a high valuation of endogenous power. In addition, the country during the "twelfth five-year" energy conservation and emissions reduction strategy and related policy to expand and extend the solar thermal use of space, if a listed company in the future implementation of hot water, heat energy, thermoelectric three-dimensional amplification, the market space will spiral and geometric and investment value.