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Yaoguo company was named Zaozhuang Science and technology type SME

2016/1/29 10:50:56      Click:

January 2016, Shandong Yaoguo Solar Science and Technology Co.,Ltdwas identified as Zaozhuang science and technology small and medium enterprises".

Yao state company was established for many years has been the "technology is the first productive forces," the guidelines. Company in the research of technology on the one hand, invested a lot of resources, has obtained the invention patent and utility model patent 17 items, in the domestic same industry leading level. This is recognized as a small and medium enterprises in science and technology has affirmed the achievements of our company in terms of scientific and technological innovation.

The small and medium sized enterprises of science and technology is refers to the scientific and technical personnel as the main body, by the science and technology personnel office and founded, mainly engaged in high technology products of scientific research, development, production, sales, technology commercialization and technology development, technical services, technical advice and high-tech products as the main content, the market orientation, the implementation of "self financing, combination of voluntary, autonomous, self financing, self-development, self-restraint" knowledge intensive economic entity. In short, science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise is to innovate as the mission and survival means of enterprise.