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The Advantage Of Yaoguo SVT  

    Yaoguo SVT is using the world's most advanced technology, precise online testing equipment and methods strictly carry out the selection system and produce according to the ISO9000 quality assurance system. Compared with other manufacturers, Yaoguo SVT have the following advantages:
1) advantages of raw material:
Our company produce rough tube ourselves by using the world's advanced technology of all-electric melting technology to make high quality borosilicate glass, which ensures the technical performance of SVT.
2) advantages of technology:
a) Cleaning: glass are washed with deionized water, the resistivity of deionized pure water reaches 10 MΩ or more, with which the surface of the glass tube can be cleaned thoroughly and bonded the inner glass tube with the full solar selective absorbing coating firmly.

b) Coating: to produce "Yaoguo Solar" SVT, we are using the world's advanced coating technology, the color of  solar selective absorbing coating are blue, purple, black, gold ,they can adapt to work under conditions of high temperature 400 ℃ . Absorption rate of ≥0.92, emissivity ≤0.065 and greatly improved the absorption performance of SVT.
c) Inspection: the world's most advanced Optosol-Alpameter detector can accurately measure the absorption rate and the emissivity of absorbing coating, then the data is processed by the computer on the basics of the measurement results, the quality of the solar absorbing coating to continuous improvement, optimization, and improved.
By simulating debugging process.

3) advantages of equipments:
a) coating equipment
    Yaoguo coating equipment use touch-free switch and programmable automation control technology, which effectively control the operations of devices and improve efficiency of production; coating process are controlled automatically and the process parameters are controlled effectively which ensures the vacuum degree of coating and improves the quality of the film.
b) Sealing and annealing equipment
    We adopt advanced circle-sealing technology and annealing systems, the inner and outer tube are sealed firmly for interior stress is completely eliminated. The easily broken and burst problem of the circle-sealing seal parts are solved thoroughly.  Therefore, the crushing rate in transport, installation and using process is reduced to minimum.
c) Monitoring equipment
    By using exhaust station monitoring system, the quality of product is controlled digitally, this system can monitor each degree of vacuum tube and ensure the  vacuum degree of SVT≤3×10-3Pa.
d) inspection equipment
    Our company introduces the world's most advanced vacuum degree measuring equipment, it simulated sunlight to do anti-aging test of SVT, and we summarize a set of advanced venting technology to improve the insulation effect and life of SVT.
4) Advantages of Management :
    In recent years, our company has passed ISO 9000 international quality system certification and built a complete quality assurance system which are strictly enforced and improved continually in process of production, Among them, the raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are inspected strictly in process of production, the key processes of operation are managed corresponding with "worker number", which ensures traceability of product quality. Meanwhile, we formulate our higher internal standard with reference to the national standard. Strict factory inspection ensures the fine quality of each SVT.