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Enterprise values: loyalty, righteousness and integrity; The development creation, industry; Enterprise spirit: dedication, innovation, honest and pragmatic.

Development goals: to promote low-carbon economy, protect the earth's environment.

Business tenet: to join in the great cause of environmental protection, actively to improve our living environment, efforts to protect our common human homes;

Enterprise style: innovative, bold dedication, dare to responsible, dare to overcome;

Team concept: mutual respect, mutual trust, mutual care, mutual encouragement, mutual cooperation and mutual support.

Production concept: under the effective cost control, to improve employees' work efficiency, strengthen the production technology and production efficiency at the same time, the implementation of the comprehensive monitoring of production safety in the process of the construction and maintenance of the key facilities and security, is the basic steps of our production control.

Business philosophy: to study the consumer demand, according to the needs of customers to plan, manufacturing products and services.

Quality idea: we guarantee that our production and sales of each product is the most accord with standard of quality.
Marketing concept: to adapt to the needs and guide the demand; To meet the requirements and create demand; Expand the market and create the market